Wire-Wrapped Cages – More than Just a Pendant!

Have you ever wished you could own a pendant in every type of stone or crystal available?  I have… but realistically, that would cost me a pretty penny or two.  But don’t despair, I’ve found a solution (and so much more) with the wire-wrapped cages!  You can pick any stone or crystal to pop in the little cage, depending on the size of the stone, you can even fit 2-3 stones in the cage.  Let’s say you need a little extra love in your heart, rose quartz can certainly fill that space for you, and, help you feel better.  Maybe the next day you need extra grounding, it’s easy; just swap out the rose quartz for some red jasper (or whatever stone grounds you best).  If you need a different stone each day, this is the perfect tool for you!

These cages not only make good pendants for various types of stones and crystals, they also make a great talisman for the car.  I personally like to have moonstone (travelers’ stone), obsidian (represents Archangel Michael & protection) and amthyst (to uplift during stressful traffic).  Another great use for the wire-wrapped cage is to store stones that help with a peaceful and restful sleep).  Each of my sons has a crystal in the wire pendant hanging next to their dream catchers, they like it for protection and restful sleep.  Over the years I’ve had the pendants hanging in my house, swapping out the crystals for different ones, when I felt guided to do so… it really helped the energy in my home and I didn’t have to purchase anything extra (except a new crystal now and then – a girl can’t have too many crystals). 😉

BTW… these are GREAT for gifts!!!

Brightest of Blessings,

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