What’s In Your Metaphysical Tool Box?

By Chrissie Albright

There are many tools available to help us along, on our spiritual journey.  Your metaphysical tool box might include some of these; crystals, flower essences, essential oils, chakra sprays, oracle cards, sound healing instruments, deep breathing,  guided meditations and more.  The right tool for you is the one(s) that you are drawn to or resonate with.  You might wonder why a person would want or need these.  These tools help clear away unwanted energy allowing you to ground, so you can use your intuition more easily and connect to your authentic self.  Here’s a little more information about three of these tools.

Oracle cards are a great (and fun) tool to use to clear and exercise your intuitive muscles!  There are various ways to utilize the cards for guidance; each morning you can pull a card (asking what your guardian angels wants you to know for today?).  Pay attention to the colors, shapes, symbols, etc. in the card you pick.  If a particular color really stands out, the angels say that is the color you need to put into your aura (wear or carry stones of same color) for today.  If the animal in the card jumps out, then make a connection to that animal, look up totem meanings and see what resonates to you.

Breathing is the most important tool to have in your metaphysical toolbox, without it… well, you know…  Chi Gong breathing is extremely beneficial in clearing your mind and balancing your spirit.  Just breath in, deep (visualize your belly as a barrel) filling the space from the bottom, up, expanding your rib cage, bring the breath into your neck, then your pituitary gland; hold for 7 seconds and breath out through your mouth, make some noise when your breathing out.  Repeat this 7-10 times, work your way up to 5 minutes per day.  It is grounding, refreshing, balancing and a great tool to use when you are stressed and have big decisions or commitments that give you anxiety.

Sound instruments are a natural vibrational healer to include in your toolbox.   Singing bowls, drums and rattles, a rain stick or tuning forks are great.  And, chanting Om is the most basic, primal sound and the origin of all sounds.  Just sing Om for 3 to 5 minutes and see how you feel.   Nature also offers some of the most healing vibrational tones for your soul connection; babbling brooks, ocean waves, wind in the trees, or birds chirping in the distant trees.  Spend some time in nature each day, your Vitamin D level will thank you and you’ll feel more connected to Spirit and humanity.

So, whatever tools you choose for your metaphysical toolbox the number isn’t import, what you do with it is.  Join Chrissie Albright on the 2nd Thursday of each month for the oracle reading class Mystic Messages, where you will learn to communicate messages from Spirit and trust our intuition.  This class is open to all levels of intuitive ability, let us practice and grow together in this fun, safe and sacred environment!