What’s in Your Intuitive Toolbox?

This may sound like a strange question, but if you take a moment to think about it, dear Rosebuds, it is one worth answering. And if you need a little help, well, ask Chrissie Albright, Intuitive Reader and Healer to help find out.

Chrissie has led Mystic Messages for a few years now, and has helped many, including me, to develop and exercise their psychic muscles. She provides guidance during her classes and offers helpful and guided input, from the pictures she receives from her spiritual helpers. That same intuitive guidance is now available to you, on a one on one basis and is sure to reveal itself as an important step in your own spiritual journey.

Chrissie explains: “there are many tools available to us to help us along on our spiritual journey.  During the majority of the readings and crystal therapy sessions that I channel, the angels and spirit guides often suggest various tools for our metaphysical tool boxes.  Sometimes it may be certain crystals, flower essences or affirmations, whatever the tool they always know what is best for you.

I am truly honored, blessed and grateful to be a channel of spirit and serve where guided.  I am passionate about assisting others in removing blocks, changing behaviors, releasing fears and mirroring the light I see within.  When I work with clients I can see their light, their highest potential and how to get out of the rut when feeling stuck.   Clairvoyance is the main channel that I use, I see pictures, numbers, words, whatever Spirit is communicating, and they will show me in ways that are understood by my client.  Clairaudience is another gift, and I find that comes in just as strong as the clairvoyance.”

Chrissie urges us to remember that any question we may have will only be answered if the timing is Divine.  Her goal is to create a safe and sacred space to open up the lines of communicated with the Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides of her clients, so that the messages and guidance shared is given to help them in their spiritual journey.

I am looking forward to my reading with Chrissie, and be assured that I will share all about my own experience in my next blog.  So stay tuned, and maybe, schedule your own reading with Chrissie and let’s compare note!

We are one, Light, Love and Power,

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