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FootbathIf you missed last week’s blog about the three therapies that can help your body detox and feel good, don’t despair Rosebud. I’m here to tell you about the first one in more detail, the NRG Detox Foot Bath.  The NRG Foot Bath was designed for the feet because the feet play a significant role in detoxifying the body naturally (evident in their tendency to sweat and ‘stink’).  Each foot has approximately 2,000 pores; these pores are also some of the largest in the body.

This therapy uses the body’s natural electromagnetic field to pull toxins out of your body and  does it through the dermal layers of the skin and deposits those toxins into the foot bath water.   It’s based on a simple design.  The module is made of copper and steel rings and the leads are attached to a transformer with a build-in timer.  The transformer converts the electrical output  into 24 Volt DC.  The electricity runs through the wire attached to the rings, generating an electrical current (obviously not enough to hurt you). This current moves through the water and, due to the water’s ionic composition, creates a negatively charged bioelectrical current just like our bodies do naturally.  When we put our feet into this water, it is believed that our body’s bioelectric system matches that of the water, and a continuous circuit flows between the body and the charged water. Because it is believed that most toxins are positively charged when they reside in the body, they are attracted to the negative field of the water, and, thus drawn out of the body through the pores of the feet.

Our Therapies Technician, Linda, shared with me that it’s pretty common to have clients with orange water when they finished soaking and that, that color indicates the toxins are being held in the joints of the clients body.   And, I just have to share this story because it gave me a good laugh.   Linda says, “The most, funny thing that happened to me a few years ago was that at the end of a client’s session the water was a sage green… It was my first gall bladder results.  As I’m telling her, with GREAT excitement, where she holds her toxic material she politely tells me that, that can’t be possible as she doesn’t have a gall bladder.  The green water turned out to be fuzz off of her new green socks she’s worn for the first time that day.  We both had quite a laugh over that one.”

It’s so cool to work in a place that offers a variety of therapies and to hear the clients stories of their experience, they are inspiring and some are just down right funny, either way they all feel good in the end!

Brightest of Blessings


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