What is an energy detox?

Deborah O’Brien, Life Coach and Energy Healer

Did you know that we all have trapped energies that cause dis-ease and pain? They affect your mood and behaviors that can lead to poor choices and these energies do not support your health and life relationship.

Some of these energies are negative emotions from life experiences or that have been inherited from our birth parents or other ancestors.  They can form what is known as “heart walls” of emotional energy blocks that prohibit us from experiencing authentic intimate relationships.  They can express themselves as  bitterness, betrayal, hatred, insecurity, anxiety, depression, abandonment, jealousy, shame, guilt, anger, etc.  Each of these emotions can be identified within the energy field and can be detected by using muscle or pendulum testing.

Specific emotional vibrations get trapped in specific organs in the body impacting the normal function of the system. This abnormality is called The Emotion Code.

In addition, The Body Code helps identify 6 other components that cause imbalances in your body system that can be cleared with the use of a magnet along what ancient Chinese medicine has identified as the Governing Meridian.  These healing methods for clearing energies were discovered and developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor.  He found that when working on his patients, beneath their physical symptoms there seemed to be an emotional component. This emotional component seemed to cause either a delay in healing, or actually prevented healing altogether. Dr. Nelson began identifying and releasing emotions that had become trapped in his patients’ bodies. The results were positive. He codified the method in his book The Emotion Code.


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