Warm Up and Relax!

We traded our beautiful hot summer days for traitorous cold winds these past few days, and it seems that the cold weather has seized our muscles in all sort of painful contractions.  In talking with a few of you lately, I can tell I am not the only one being reminded of every wound, scares, or broken bones we ever suffered.  Because of it, I wanted to stay warm in the comfort of home, bundled up instead of braving the cold tending to my daily activities and obligations…

Well, since we are being so brave, why not rewarding ourselves, with a little warmth and comfort? And do we have a special treat for you!  Cara Cardon, Licensed Massage Therapist specialized in hot stone massage?  Have you ever tried one?  It is delightful! The smooth, warm stone along your spine, in your hands and on your feet, helps your body warm up and release the stress of the days…  It allows your tight muscles to relax and for your massage therapist to work more deeply and quickly through your aches and pain. For all of us that tend to feel chilly or have cold extremities, it is just heavenly.

I believe that Native American warmed stones by fire and used them to treat aching muscles, but modern revival of hot stone in massage is attributed to Mary Nelson, a native of Tucson, Arizona.  Each therapists have their own style and practices, and Cara’s customizes each massage to your needs, working with you, she is highly trained and experienced. Let her help you balanced your body, mind and spirit, while you relax, and enjoy a little, well deserved pampering, brave Rosebuds!

Remember, it is life’s little pleasures that keep us going strong. Be well and stay warm!

We are One.  Light, Love and Power.

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