Voice Mapping a Window to the Subconscious

All of us have subconsciously created coping mechanisms to help us through painful and difficult times throughout our life?  These mechanisms may have once served a purpose, but eventually they will  sabotage manifesting happiness and joy into our lives.  There are many modalities to assist in releasing unwanted behaviors and emotions, and Voice Mapping is just one more “feel good” modality now offered at RoseSprings Center.

Linda R. Post, Holistic Health Professional , RoseSprings’ newest practitioner is now offering Voice Mapping.   So, what is this Voice Mapping?  It was initially developed by scientist Calvin Young, he studied sound and healing, and he focused on the human voice.  With the help of Vaughn Cook of Zyto they created a system that gives biofeedback on the sound of our voice.  During a session you will record voice maps on family, friends, and traumatic events throughout your life.  Your actual words are not recorded, only the present and missing frequencies in your voice.  The missing frequencies are the stored memories of traumatic events.  The frequencies that are recorded are then broadcast back to you.  They stimulate and balance the memory (and muscle connection).  During the balancing you may experience powerful emotional release, similar to when you get a massage or cranial sacral therapy.

For a limited time Linda is offering a free introductory voice mapping session if you book during February 2014.

Brightest of Blessings,


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