Veronique Nelson – Creative Director

Hello and Welcome to RoseSprings Center!Sedona-devils bridge trail


As part of our wonderful and dedicated team, I am here to welcome you and guide you in your journey to wellness and personal growth.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you, our wonderfull clients and friends. As you may have read on our Facebook page,, I found RoseSprings Center through a meetup group (the Hillsboro Energy of the Generations Group) and immediately found the loving support I needed in my life. Today, I work to offer the same support to all that come to RoseSprings, and I am happy to share that many I met here, are now my beloved circle of close friends.

When I am not behind the reception desk, welcoming you and enjoying being in service, I am working closely with Linda.  I also work on all the creative aspect of the Center, whether it be our website, facebook pages, writing blogs, activities and graphics needs. I am very lucky to be able to combines all my passions into one place. I will share that I am most passionate about my spiritual growth. I have studied Reiki, developed healing groups, which spark the growth of many others to develop greatly in their own abilities, I also practice sounds healing, and sound tuning.  I channel my inner wisdom and an aspect of my higher selves that is most joyous and artistically talented.

I want to invite you to join my Thursday night class, SOUL AWAKENING.

Dear Friends,

We are living in a very special time, a historical time of unprecedented possibilities, and together we are building a new world. I am here to help you awaken to your highest potential and life purpose, to help you activate the codes that are dormant within you so that you may embody larger parts of your souls and enter into the service of a higher consciousness. Together we can uplift humanity back to its original blueprint, as the creators of our realities.

We are One. Light, Love and Power.