Using Sage and Sweet Grass to Survive the Holidays

With the Holidays ramping up, you may find yourself with a lot more people visiting your home. This also invites a lot more chaotic vibrations in your home. Chaotic vibrations are those that are not resonating with you, and causing disharmony in your personal environment. They are usually left behind by an individual that is struggling with addiction, depression, unresolved anger, or a “trickster”. Most families have at least one family member that is a “Don or Donna Downer”. These folks will leave behind an extra dose of doldrums when they leave, too. There are ways to clear these lingering disharmonies, naturally and with little fuss.

The first thing to keep in mind is that because these vibrations can be cleared; you don’t have to worry about dealing them during our holiday event. Enjoy your self, and your company. Then after everyone is gone, throw open the doors and windows and burn a bit of white sage in a fire proof container. Waft it around each room, being very thorough behind doors and in closets. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top of the house. If you prefer a smokeless remedy, try “Just Add Vodka”. It’s a spray of essential oils that you activate with vodka, and spray to clear unwanted energies.

After you are through, follow it with some burning sweet grass, or Palo Santo, or a steaming mug of lemon tea or put out small dishes of salt, or burn Himalayan salt candles, in each room. You can also leave Lavender or Rose sachets lying around, or oranges studded with cloves. All of these things will raise the vibration of your environment, alleviating any unwanted energies, helping you to feel better, and allowing you to enjoy your guests.

RoseSpringsCenter has all of items necessary for clearing away unwanted energies, and raising the vibration of your living or work environment. Let us show you how easy it is to shift your home’s vibration; so you can survive the holidays, and your guests.

Shine on! Hope

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