Use Selenite for Dreamwork

If you’ve ever wanted to do dreamwork you might want to consider having a piece of selenite on your nightstand.  Selenite is an amplifying, illuminating, and intensifying stone with its strongest connections to our higher Chakras, mainly the Third Eye and the Crown.  It’s a bridge between us in our physical form and our higher selves.  Even its color, a somewhat cloudy mix of white and clear, is a reminder of the spirit world.  Selenite never needs to be cleared, but is a powerful cleanser of our auras, chakras and other crystals.  It can be found in many forms including small tumbled stones, small shards, wands and my favorite, large columnar crystals.  I feel like a powerful Greek Goddess with one in my hand ready to take on the world…or at least to feel better in the little part that is mine!

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Love and Laughter,

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