Try Pyrite Protection!

Hey RoseBuds, Pyrite is jam packed with protective properties on a myriad of levels.  It hosts a defending quality that can help you shield from many different forms of negativity.  For me, Pyrite feels both protective and nurturing, energizing and grounding, yin and yang in perfect balance.  Simply holding or carrying Pyrite will provide protection on the physical, emotional, and etheric  levels, it really is that simple!

One way I found beneficial in working with pyrite, is using to recall relevant information when I get stuck in that crazy indecisive state of mind. Pyrite helps me quiet the mind and clearly pick up on the information I need to make a more enlightened decision.  Pyrite is the perfect stone to hang out with on a rainy day, the energies emitted are warm and symbolize the lasting presence of the sun.  Combine those energies with a good visual of being on a warm sunny beach, and you’re on your way to a peaceful meditation.

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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