Therapy is for more than just healing the mind…

TrioTherapyHave you got toxic bioaccumulation?  Here are three therapies that help Detox and Build Your Body: The Amethyst Bio-Mat, NRG Detox Foot Bath and the Compass Nutritional Bio-Feedback reading.

The first therapy is the NRG Foot Bath. This is a system that utilizes a mechanical system to enhance the bio-electric field of the body by using the fluid systems as its medium for conductivity.  One friend of mine came in once per week for six weeks and much to her surprise the pain in her shoulder had disappeared. She didn’t expect that, but figured she had a lot of toxins held in her shoulder area and the footbath pulled it all out. She is convinced that the footbath diminished the pain in her shoulder. That is pretty darn amazing if you ask me!

The second therapy is an Amethyst Bio-Mat session.  This amazing therapy combines the healing power of amethyst crystals, far infrared light rays and negative ions.  The mat is toasty warm when you’re lying on it and you detox and heal at a cellular level because the light rays penetrate 6” to 8” into your body.  You can choose from 15 to 60 minute sessions and I really like listening to the guided relaxation meditation during the session too.

The third therapy is the Compass Nutritional Biofeedback program.  Have you ever had a photo of your Aura taken?  They use pads that you put your hands on to read your energy; the Compass is very similar except it measures your body’s reaction to certain supplements when your hand is in the cradle.  The software records your responses and ranks them from the highest preferred product to the lowest.  When I had my compass reading, it totally matched what I already felt my body needed, so it took any doubt I may have had away, kind of cool in my opinion.

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