The secret to happiness…

Most of us understand what it means to love another person. The feelings of intense emotions, admiration, the emotional and mental investment in another. We easily go through great lengths to nurture others with loving intents. Yet most of us, never explored what loving ourselves means, let alone realize why it is so fundamental?

That idea can actually feel like a foreign concept to many of us. In essence, self-love is a combination of self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-compassion, kindness and respect for ourselves. Self-love is both conceptual, an idea that you are worthy of self-respect and gentleness, and an action, treating yourself with compassion and nurturance. Put simply, “self-love is positive self-regard in action”.

As mentioned before, most of us have very little idea what it really means practically speaking, let alone, how to implement it in our daily life, routine, practices and even in our thoughts. That might be a challenge that requires guidance, accountability, and direction. If you choose to embark in this journey of self-discovery, with the intent to learn who you are and why you are as lovable as anyone else, then may I suggest meeting with Merilou Hundley, Counselor, Coach and Energy Healer?

Merilou will help you see that the key to happiness is Self-Love! There is NO better time than the NOW to fall in love with yourself. Rosebuds, when you love yourself, you live in harmony within and therefore with the rest of the world. The outside world is a reflection of how you feel inside! When in harmony, everything flows effortlessly. When you feel loving towards yourself, the Universe conspires to mimic that love and it manifests in wondrous ways. Such joy and happiness follows.

Rosebuds when you love yourselves, NO ONE can make you feel any other way, you are sovereign over your feelings and it will be easier to be in charge of your emotions and actions.

With Merilou’s help you can learn how to create new habits, new thought patterns which will ultimately bring much happiness and freedom.   Merilou shows you how to implement strategic steps forward and helps you heal any resistance, conscious or sub-conscious that might still stand in your way to ultimate happiness, and freedom, through self-love.

YOUR ARE WORTH IT! Don’t wait, no one else is more worthy than you are, and no one else can take that journey for you. Yet, when you do, there is no turning back, and your life will change in ways you haven’t yet began to understand, with ease and grace, and so much happiness.

We change the world, one person at the time and it starts here… within.

We are ONE. Light, Love and Power!






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