The Power of Intuitive Readings for Healing

RoseBuds, I could not be happier to share with you my experience with Chrissie Albright, Intuitive Reader and Healer. Did you ever have this elated feeling going into something without really intentionally/intellectually knowing why?  Well I did today on my drive to RoseSprings Center, and I knew I would feel better for it…  That elated feeling as experience has taught me – is the expression of your soul (higher self).  It somehow, even so subtlety, let’s you know that you are on the right track, and wants you to know it. It is Spirit’s way to show encouragement!

Of course, I didn’t know what to expect in and from my session with Chrissie, but knew it would be good. Note that Spirit always knows what messages to deliver and when it is best for us to receive it, and is joyous knowing we have found someone able to connect with Spirit, able to hear the messages and to deliver them to us.

Before starting the reading, Chrissie cleansed my aura using some of her favorite tools and gave me a crystals to hold to help assist with the clearing, dropped another at my feet for grounding, and shared her amazing amethyst to assist with the healing. I felt the shift, and it helped me connect within, to be open to receive and interpret energetically the messages that were for me to receive that way. Please understand that verbal communication is only one of the ways that Spirit uses to give information that you need, but it is far from being the only way.  Sometimes it is not important for you to know or understand, never the less the needed message is communicated. You just have to know that and pay attention to the subtle energetic shifts that take place within you.

Before Chrissie even started the “card reading” part of our session, she already had written half a page of messages to share with me. After she shared, she pulled a few cards, from 3 different decks and shared the messages. It was no surprise to see that the cards were in support of the information she had shared, and complemented her intuitive messages.

By the time we parted, I was filled with renewed hope and a clear sense of direction, with a clear first step forward. Her reading helps me unravel another layer of what my life purpose is and more importantly how to move forward with it. I know that everything shared resonates deeply within me, and that is a sure sign, Rosebuds, that it is the truth for me.

Chrissie has an amazing connection with the higher realms and clear talent, clairvoyant and clairaudient for sure, but more exactly the ability to see beyond the veil with her heart and soul.

It is gratitude I feel, and as our spiritual guides always say: “An attitude of gratitude is a beautiful thing”. I wish for you, dear Rosebuds to feel the beauty of gratitude within your hearts and souls.

We are One.  Light, Love and Power.

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