The Power of Intention

You’ve probably have heard all the buzz about the “Secret”, it’s been all the talk about how it can help you manifest what you truly desire. But did you ever get to find out what the “secret” is? It’s that your intention has power. And, here’s part two of the secret, you cannot just want something; everything you do and say, must be in alignment with what you want, and that’s what makes it an intention.

Let’s take a famous person as an example. Let’s say the Beyonce’s biggest dream is to be a famous singer. She doesn’t just dream about it, she takes voice lessons, get’s an agent, accepts crummy bookings, etc. All these actions are in alignment with her desire; it is her intention to make that dream come true.

The same applies to all of us. When we use sacred tools, like candles, incense and stone grids, it is not enough to want the intend outcome; we must align ourselves and everything we do, with it. That is where the true power of intention lies, in the work we do to fulfill it. So, as you initiate your desires weather in prayer, spell, stone grip or Flying Wish Paper; know that you still have work to do, and those sacred tools are only aiding you in your work. Now, get out there and make your life a great one!

Shine On!
Rev. Hope

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