The Many Faces of Quartz

Clear Quartz comes in many shapes, sizes, some with inclusions and others are crystal clear. Sometimes the shape in Quartz makes a difference in what you are setting out to accomplish in your spiritual journey. For instance a Generator Quartz has six faces that terminate into a single point, this particular shape is very powerful in meditation, for me, the energy is stimulating and feels magnified on all levels. I feel empowered, I feel better in body, mind, and spirit. The generator Quartz is a good stone for group energy, perfect for a group of healers as it helps connect the energy between all healers in the group.

RoseBuds, whether it’s a generator, window, or tumbled Quartz, you’ll know which crystal is right for you, you’ll know it first glance, even if you walk by it half a dozen times. Once you hold it, and allow its energy to flow with yours, you know you found the perfect crystal for you! Quartz is fun to work with when you are connecting to plant, mineral or animal realms, both healing and enlightening, nature communication   is enhanced by the energies of Quartz. One side effect of working with Quartz, for your highest good, is a raise in vibration, now that is one healthy side effect!

Brightest of Blessings…


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