The Many Colors of Calcite

The mineral family of Calcite expresses itself in many different colors.  These colors vary from clear, white, orange, red, blue, and honey to pink.  Green Calcite is a powerful stone for attracting money, I used this in my welcome money grid for 30 days and it brought me all the money I needed to manifest during that 30 days, it was awesome!  Green Calcite is also known as the “joy stone”, and I can see why, whenever I see just the color I feel joyful, it’s so spring like and energizing!   Blue Calcite is one of my favorite for calming my emotions, when I hold I can feel it’s soothing energy, everything around me becomes calm and relaxing and I like to visualize breathing the color and energy of the Blue Calcite, makes me feel like I’m connected to the ocean and all its healing energies.

Lots of colors to work with when working with Calcite!   Rosebuds, the earth has provided us with the most wonderful tools in crystals and minerals.  If creativity is what you’re looking for, try working with Orange Calcite, not only does it boost creativity it also enhances self-confidence and may even cause optimism in many cases J  So many favorites out there, and orange is one of my favorites simply due to the fact when I hold, I instantly feel better!  I tried a grid with the Orange Calcite and I could feel my creativity bubbling forth and my level of excitement was high, that of course threw me into a cleaning frenzy and I cleared a lot of clutter during the time I had that grid up and running.  All that clearing made room for more ideas to come in and inspire what was once sleeping within me, and every once in a while I get a strong craving for oranges when I work with Orange Calcite J

Brightest of Blessing,

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