The Healing Powers of Incense

Incense invoke different experiences with many people.  For centuries incense have been used by various healers in ceremonies, rituals, meditations, and connecting to spirit.  Monks use incense to enhance focus for clearer meditation, Shamans used them in healing ceremonies and some use them for the clearing energies of a darker nature.

Frankincense and Cedarwood are quite affective in ridding negative energies on your property, in your home, and I’ve used them to clear my car!   Nag Champa is known to balance energies and personally one of my favorites, needless to say, I buy my fair share each month.  Incense can also be very calming and lift your spirits helping you to feel better!  There are many benefits to using incense, and it fills your home with such a pleasant scent, making it nice, homey and grounding (for me) J

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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