The Healing Experience of the Amethyst Bio-Mat

I don’t know how many of you enjoyed the cold weather we have had so far, dear Rosebuds, but I have felt cold, cold to the bone!  And to make matter worse, this cold seem to exacerbate each little injuries that I have ever suffered, from bruised ribs, to sprained fingers and toes…  Each time these get inflamed, it is a reminder that I need to take a little time away from duties and responsibilities to do something good and health promoting for myself. Something warm and relaxing!

That is when I call Linda, Amethyst Bio-Mat technician, and book a session to lay on the Amethyst Bio-Mat, which just happens to be a FDA/UL Licensed Medical Device. It is such a treat!  I love the heat it generates, it warms me up to my core, soothes my aches and pain, and relaxes me but also seem to reenergize me.  As you may already know, the value of Amethyst as a healing alternative is neither legend nor myth. Rather, it’s an established fact based on a number of studies from many health experts. What you may not know, is that the Bio-Mat also generates far infrared light rays and emits negative ions. The infrared light rays have a number of health benefits and properties including improved sleep, improved blood circulation, improved circulation of bodily fluids, improved mood and outlook, improved wound healing, and improved ability to ward off bacteria.  The far infrared generate a deep heat that can penetrate 6-8 inches in your body, and that is truly a wonderful sensation.  And of course, there are also many known benefits of negative ions, including improved removal of toxic particles from the body, improved body’s immunity and resistance to illnesses and improved respiration.

There is one more thing I didn’t know about, and had to research further before sharing with you. And that is the fact that since Amethyst is a quartz crystal, it instantly doubles the size of the human bio-magnetic field; and essentially that is why many people claim to feel better or more energized within seconds of simply standing or sitting near Amethyst – especially if they’re struggling with low energy, depression or a physical ailment. If you look up Kirlian photography, you will be amazed how the photography taken so beautifully demonstrate the existence of “subtle” energy (imperceptible to the 5 senses – like radio waves) and will find how they were used to prove that fact.

I will leave you with this thought… The Indian sages, Native Americans, Aztecs, Celts, Egyptians and many other ancients  used quartz crystals because they knew of the existence of gross, subtle and spiritual energies, and it is no wonder, that the use of Amethyst is now enjoying a renaissance as a valuable, safe, scientifically-validated and 100% medication-free health alternative that’s suitable for people of all ages.  Rosebuds, I guarantee that you will love it and feel better for trying it.

We are One, Light, Love and Power.

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