The Endless Benefits of Salt

As you may have heard…we’re made of salt. Because we are made of salt, Salt is very beneficial to us on ALL energetic levels. Now, I’m not talking about the “table salt” that you use to season your food. In fact, that really isn’t salt at all, but a blend of chemicals (desiccants) and iodine.

When I speak of Salt, I am talking about the mineral that comes straight out of the Earth, or Ocean. This Salt contains electrolytes, minerals, and iodine (if it’s sea salt), and when ingested it flushes toxins, and replenishes positive ions; helping to balance your physical energy. More than that, when Salt is placed in your environment, it absorbs negative energy. When you make a Circle with it, Salt blocks negative energy from entering. When you bath in Salt, it removes toxins, and soothes skin and muscles. (Our Himalayan Bath Salts are perfect for this or salt scrubs too.) When you inhale salty steam you sooth your bronchial tubes, and gargling with Salt will soothe and heal your throat and sinuses. Salt also is a wonderful “carrier” for herbal remedies, and aromatherapy. When you infuse Salt with herbs or oils, you create a synergetic blend of healing energy.

You can see why Salt used to be considered as currency. And, even though Salt is now very common, and inexpensive, its benefits are immeasurable; because you can’t put a price on feeling better.

Shine on!


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