A private session with the highly empathic healer Dr. Cristina Corban can help you in change perceptions of obstacles in your life and to infuse all aspects of your life experience with ease, clarity, love and peace. Dr Cristina Corban helps you activate the miracles, magic, and mystery of your soul’s highest reality, and understand how you serve the awakening of humanity by stepping into your full potential. When your heart is ready to RECEIVE the love that is available to you with every breath into every corner of your body or soul, you experience a soothing of all the seeking and suffering.

After studying and practicing conventional medicine in Roumania , and learning multiple alternative modalities for healing, along with a search for the deep causes of dis-ease, Dr. Cristina reached the point of understanding the perfection of Life, the deep purpose and service that each human life holds.

With this understanding, the power and tools for healing and living a fulfilled life rests with your readiness to open up to the “Love of Life”, as Dr. Cristina calls it. She explains that: “love and breath are deeply connected and are centering us in the core of our True Self which is ever balanced, healthy and wealthy. The euphoric sensations that your body may experience during the breathing sessions – in an atmosphere of full and unconditional love – are nothing else than the ecstatic dance of the cells of your body receiving the love, receiving the light, receiving the “Breath of Life” that they were asking for. Your cells are a reflection of your life and within your connection and openness to receive the gifts of your life along with the connective, loving breath, so are the cells of your life and your relationships with every aspect of your existence. Is all you and in you, and you are ready! Let’s dance the dance of love with our breath!”

Dr. Cristina offers to gently guide you into a new perspective of life, to release that which you have been resisting, exhaling it transformed by your essence. She emphasizes that “you are ready for more self-love and more worthiness to dominate your vibration and to start to feel in your life the changes you were seeking”.

Dr. Cristina has developed “The Breath of Life”, which connects the body with the ever healthy, wealthy and balanced Spirit that we embody.

In a session you may experience:

  • deep relaxation of the body and mind
  • raising the frequency of your field to approach the frequency of your real Self
  • new relationship with yourself first, that will change your relationship with others
  • a new perspective on your traumas and pains that would release the pent up energy all the way to the cellular level
  • transforming your acquired ego, which has the effect of letting out your true Self, creativity and intuition
  • exploring life in freedom and abundance, along with breathing in the Love and – breathing out your gifts and answers through breath, connecting with your Self in the core of your body

As always, we are One.  Light, Love and Power.



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