The Angels want to know if you are ready to experience your gifts?!

Greetings RoseBuds!  I am strongly guided to start off by sharing the following channeled message of Clear Quartz from Doreen Virtue’s Crystal Therapy book, I hope you enjoy as much as I did. 🙂

“Alpha and omega in the mineral kingdom, I reign without question.  From my foundation, the spark of possibilities is sent to begin facilitating your deeper attunement with the unseen.  My vibrational pattern serves as a launch point, providing tangible evidence that energy transformation functions as an amplifier, generator, receiver, and cleanser.  When in doubt, select me to act as the custodian of your intent so that you may experience the gifts of Divine guidance, motivation, and clarity.”

Clear Quartz also provides a lighteness that will help you to live, love and laugh more.  Whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I love to hold my little tumbled piece of clear quartz, just makes me smile and feel better all the way around!

Brightest of Blessings…


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