The angel connection!

Rosebuds, how has your connection to your angels been lately? Do you hear their gentle whisper at night, do feel their presence, or hear them when they intervene for your highest good, or simply try to capture your attention with repetitive patterns? As you already know, you are always surrounded by angels, but do you hear them, do you consciously and mindfully receive their messages? Yes, I did say, MINDFULLY, because it is important to pay attention, to be engage in the process of co-mmunication.

When I need a little help or a reminder, I turned to my friend, Chrissie Albright. Chrissie is an intuitive Healer and Reader, who has developed a very strong connection to the angelic realms. She always offers guidance and shares her intuitive visions. So Rosebuds, if you need a little assistance in your spiritual journey, or would enjoy receiving personal messages from your own angels, helpers or guides, Chrissie will shares the many vision or intuitive hits she receives as a clairvoyant practitioner.

Meanwhile she offers sound guidance for you to find your own connection:

“Practice connecting to your guardian angels, the moment we manifest into physical form, we are assigned two guardian angels that remain with us for our entire human experience. Talk to them, ask them questions, allow yourself to feel their presence. They will always interact with you in the same way, so that you become familiar with their presence. Always use white light to protect your aura, this creates a safe and sacred space for you to connect to your guardian angels. Keep working on strengthening your connection; be open to hearing, feeling, knowing and seeing these wonderful angelic beings. They are here just for you, to help guide, heal, ground, and love you! All you need to do is ask!”

Rosebuds, these words of advice are offered to help you better understand your own relationship with your angels and guides. Of course, as most things in life, it takes a little willingness to engage and commit to develop habits and build a relationship with these amazing and divine beings. But once you do, you can experience unlimited, unconditional love filled with celestial beings of light that are more than willing and able to help you. The only catch is that you have to ask and also be willing to accept the assistance.

This process takes a little work but if you need encouragement, guidance, or validation you can always turn to Chrissie’s and witness with joy and confidence the depth of her amazing abilities!

Rosebuds, let me tell you that it also is a most rewarding effort, that promises enchanted moments of sacred connection that will become so dear to you that you will not want to ever be without experiencing them…

We are One.  Light, love and Power!




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