The Amazing Power of Touch!

Dear Rosebuds,

I am happy to write to you today to introduce Michaela Rehling our newest, multi talented Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner.

Michaela’s journey to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as, a Certified Small Animal Massage  started almost 10 years ago.  At that time Michaela’s passion to be of service and care for others was the vision of becoming a nurse, and practicing as an LMT to support herself through nursing school.

Little did I she know that massage therapy was going to become a full time passion as she discovered that it was all she ever needed to feel fulfilled and be of service.  She explains: “massage therapy is a healing touch that can ease a variety of pain and discomforts which also enhances overall health and well-being.  I love being able to help people using any and all of a variety of massage techniques; Trigger Point Release, Deep Tissue Sports Massage, TMJ Relief, Mayo Facial Release and Ashiatsu Bodywork.” As you can see Michaela experience is well built and her style and abilities are vast and varied.  She remains us that it is important to recognize the health benefits of massage. With Michaela as your therapist you can choose from among many massage styles to get relief from symptoms or to heal injuries, to help with certain health conditions, and to promote overall wellness.

Yet, Micki as we all call her, added that her personal experience with Thor, her adorable canine companion and best friend, took her to deepen the journey and wanting to share and expend her healing abilities to other living beings.  She candidly expressed: “our pets, have the same needs and pains that we have, may it be physical or emotional.  So, it was a natural step to expand my healing hands to small animals.  Animal massage is soothing for older pets for arthritis and helps increase their range of motion. In younger pets it can alleviate soreness due to, too much play or work in a service animal. Just listen for a deep sigh, friendly bark or soft purr.  The amazing results of touch, speaks for itself!”

As we become more aware of the needs of those around us and understand our relationship with every living beings, we better understand that they are indeed, living, feeling, conscious beings, with emotions, behaviors, needs and thoughts that are very alike ours… That Rosebuds, is a beautiful testimony of services to others, regardless of who they are, and a sign of a true healer.

Till next time, dear Rosebuds, Happy New Years, and best wishes for a Healthy, Fulfilling, Joyous and Prosperous 2016!

We are One. Light, Love and Power.




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