Steeper Tea Cups to Warm the Body and Soul

I don’t know about you RoseBuds, but I for one, love a nice cup of hot tea when the weather outside is frightful, tea is quite delightful and is sure to help you feel better!  There is always a good stock (and selection) of tea in my cupboards.  After coming in from the cold, tea is my chosen remedy to warm myself from the insides, out J.  One thing is for sure, I must have my favorite tea cup, I’m picky, but when you adopt a favorite cup it’s hard to be without it… I especially love the cups with the steeper inserts, you can use it for bags and better yet, loose leaf tea.  You can create your own blends of loose leaf tea, depending on your needs, whether for relaxation, cold, flu, or digestion.  These cups are perfect for your tea taste!

Our own RoseSprings Gift and Herbal Store carries these beautifully decorated tea cups which come with the steeper insert and lid.  Nothing against coffee, but it’s fun to have a cup of tea in something other than an ordinary coffee cup.  They make great gifts as well, one for a friend and one for yourself.

Brightest of Blessing,

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