Véronique Nelson

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Véronique is passionate about the process of spiritual awakening and helping others find their true self. “It is in finding their true soul identity and through love and compassion that one can begin to truly change their life”. On that path herself for quite sometimes now, she has led healing groups and hold a “soul awakening ” enrichment class to help guide others through their process.  “It is an amazing thing to witness the transformation of others and see them unfold into their own purpose, path, gifts and abilities.”

You’ll want to schedule with Véronique if you need guidance in your own spiritual awakening.  She helps you understand the changes that are taking place individually and on the collective level, guides you through an understanding of the energies at play, and how to maneuver through them with the most ease and grace. Understanding and awareness are the first steps to moving forward and are essential for making new choices.

A tuning forks sessions is a great way to relax, ease the symptoms tied to awakening/transforming, and deepen your own psychic gifts and abilities.  It is enjoyable way to balance chakras, connect with your higher guidance, clear blockages, heal trauma, re-pattern behaviors, deal with mental and emotional issues, or work on physical issues using forks on acupuncture points. It is an excellent way to journey into other realms, establish connections and get through gateways to your higher selves.

Véronique holds a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from the College of Art & Design in Brussels, Belgium. She has also studied various other modalities of energy healing such as Reiki, Pranic Healing and Access Consciouness The Bars®.

Here are a few fun things about Véronique:

  1. She grew up in France, in a old castle, surrounded by land, horses, ponies, rabbits, owls, dogs and cats.
  2. She enjoys the outdoors, and laying in the sun with a good book, but is deeply troubled about the effects of geo-engineering on our health.
  3. She enjoys communicating with her guides, angels and channeling archangels and members of her galactic families.
  4. She loves to draw intricate patterns, she knows are a channeled art form.  She finds them to be highly healing, activating for others and also very therapeutic for herself.
  5. She will share with you that RoseSprings Center has been a place of great support and transformation for her, in ways that she is would have never imagined, a place where her heart desires have come true.

  • Veronique Nelson is a gifted intuitive healer who has helped me to learn about my place in this universe as healer and spiritual being. Her soul awakening classes have given me the insight of the shifts that are happening in our universe and opened myself to my true dimensional existence.

    Her healing sessions include energy work, sound therapy, crystal alignment, meditation and together with her spiritual guides, she has worked on unblocking mine chakras and develop my energy work.

    Her positive energy will recharge you, the therapies will re-balance your chakras and take you in a state of meditation and peace. All comes together to create the space for your soul to escape into a much needed healing experience where you are open to your higher self to start making the necessary shifts to align yourself to your life’s purpose.

    Ramilton Franco L.M.T and Bowenwork Therapist