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One of Reyveka’s goals is to debunk hypnosis myths, especially the myth that only certain people can be hypnotized.  Hypnosis is a completely safe and natural state which involves focusing on the self.  Everyone can experience hypnosis; there is no such thing as “unhypnotizable”.  Anyone who has ever had a daydream has experienced hypnosis.  And just as no one can control someone else’s daydreams, hypnosis does not allow someone to control your mind.

Hypnosis is the perfect therapy for you if you’re looking for tools that allow you to take personal control of pain, stress, and anxiety.  Reyveka’s goal is to enable clients to rid themselves of negative self-talk, patterns of physical/mental pain, and personal blockages; all the things which create a sense of disconnect from self and prevent the feeling of inner joy and confidence.   She wants her clients to come away from their sessions feeling empowered to handle the future on a physical, mental, and emotional level!

Reyveyka enjoys working with adults who also suffer from long-term conditions, especially those ailments that have not responded well to traditional medical treatments and talk therapy.  This typically indicates that there is an unconscious pattern that is blocking the healing process, which is easily uncovered with hypnosis.  Hypnosis is especially good for IBS, chronic pain, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and releasing negative thought patterns or trauma.

Working with children and teens is especially rewarding for her because it offers the opportunity to nip difficult situations in the bud.  Problems such as bedwetting, test anxiety, ADHD, and childhood fears can all be addressed through hypnosis. Hypnosis is suitable for children 5 and up.

Reyveka graduated from Metropolitan State College in Denver with a Bachelor’s of Science in Lifelong Health Institutions and attended The Knightsbridge Institute for Hypnosis where she received her Hypnotherapy Certification.  Her specialties include the relief of mental and physical pain, anxiety, and psychosomatic symptom relief.

Reyveka shared some things about herself that you might not know.
  1. I have lived in an almost perfect US triangle-As a child I lived in Maine, then Texas, as an adult I lived in Denver, CO, and now Portland.
  2. When I was growing up, we often had unusual pets with unusual names. I had a dog named Turtle, a goat named Taco, and a cow called Big Mac.
  3. Before I was a hypnotist I was a professional dancer. As a Bollywood (East Indian) dancer I have performed for audiences of more than 200.
  4. Despite being a dancer, I used to have terrible difficulty speaking in public. This was resolved when I became a bingo caller at a retirement community. Weekly bingo for 50+ retirees was the toughest crowd I ever faced!
  5. The most useful skill I ever taught myself was how to sew. This enabled me to create years of Halloween costumes for my now teenage daughter. My personal favorite was the year we went trick or treating as a pair of Lucky Bamboo plants.