Matthew Borthwick

MatthewBorthwickSensei, Borthwick is passionate when a student walks into his class convinced that something will be too difficult, and walks out of class having accomplished it.  Then he can say, “I’ve done my job”.  Past karate students of Sensie, Borthwick’s are now teaching Isshinryu Karate in Berkeley, CA and Cambridge, MA. Their continued dedication to the art has been the greatest gift he could have asked for.  It is also a tribute to his teachers and everyone who came before them.

Perhaps you are an adult with joint problems and pain due to past injuries or arthritis and think you cannot possibly practice a martial art.  There’s no need to fear your limitations, the Isshinryn Karate curriculum is flexible enough to allow working slowly through any skills that might trigger sensitivity, while working more quickly in stronger areas allowing you to feel accomplishment.

Matthew has a diverse background in education and certifications.  He holds a Roku-dan (sixth-degree black belt), Renshi-go, in the Isshinryu World Karate Association under Kichiro Shimabuku-osensei.  And has Ph.D. in Physics from M.I.T. in Cambridge, MA, a M.Sc. in Physics from McGill University in Montréal, Québec, and a B.S. in Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  He is also an IRS registered and Oregon Tax Return Preparer.  His current 9 to 5 job is working as an Oregon-Licensed Life & Health Insurance Producer.

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Matthew shared these interesting little-known things about himself.
  1. I started studying karate in 1984 in Hudson, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. My teachers for all these years have been Myo Shu Wren-sensei and Deborah Pittak-sensei. They happen to be sisters.
  2. I've been a pro basketball fan since just before my Cleveland Cavaliers suffered through “The Shot” in 1989. I've followed the Cavs through all the lean years, watched a certain player light up the city and then watched him break up with it on national television. I still follow every Cavs game today, despite all the losing.
  3. My cat's favorite food is Doritos. We are not altogether dissimilar, felines and humans.
  4. The last Star Trek convention I attended was no later than 1998. I promise.