Clayton Avery

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Intuitive energy healer, Clayton Avery, works with women to give voice to their heart. Often our spiritual journey, led by our heart, is blocked by our mind resulting in feelings of emptiness and sadness which can be seen in not only our physical or medical problems, but also in our interpersonal relationships. If you have never felt truly sure or truly happy about your place in life, then knowing how to remove this disconnect will allow you to follow your own heart’s journey.

Clayton has an affinity for being able to look at someone and know what he can do to help them.  His work is designed to help you find and release energetic obstacles created by life. Together, you will discover how to live intuitively as he guides you to uncover the conflicts that are the cause of the discontent within your life.  “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

He attended college and graduated with a BS in Business Administration from IllinoisStateUniversity, before moving to Oregon.  In 1999, while in business for himself, Clayton caught a bacterial infection that couldn’t be cured with antibiotics. It was then he began to investigate alternative medicine. He visited acupuncturists and massage therapists. Within this new community he learned of Cam Yuen.  Acupuncture, supplements, a medical intuitive and spiritual development were all steps that he incorporated into his life that allowed him to heal. The community that he immersed himself within was able to open his mind so that he became aware of his own abilities as a healer.


  • Working with Clayton has really helped me release negative energy I have held for years and work to fill that space with positive energy leading to a positive outlook. The way he uses my energy to guide his questions helps me understand more about myself every time we meet. He offers many tools to help me understand where energy is stored, how to identify it, where it came from and how to make my energy work the best for me. I highly recommend exploring this form of healing.
  • Visiting Clayton is like having someone show you the path back to your true self — the person you've always been but lost sight of along the journey.
  • My inner wisdom was being diminished by a host of other peoples' voices, cross talk, and external messages. Clayton helped silence the multitudes and gave my spirit's voice the microphone.
  • Spending an evening with Clayton Avery is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time! Being an Energy Worker myself, I am always fascinated to experience alternative forms of Energy balancing. Clayton was beyond my wildest imagination. He is so very clear and is able to help anyone understand their core issues and resolve them immediately. I look forward to further classes with Clayton.