Chrissie Albright

DSC_0492As an intuitive, Chrissie’s goal it to help others recognize the beauty and strength within, to mirror the gifts they are born with and to guide and help others heal so they may reach their highest potential in this life. She is here to help you along your spiritual path.

Chrissie has been doing intuitive healing and communicating with Angels for 12 years. She can help you remove blocks, clear your aura and chakras, connect with your higher self and your Angels leading to a healthier lifestyle. Chrissie also works with earth medicines like crystals and essential oils.

Chrissie has acquired a wide variety of energy studies including classes with the Alchemical Healing System with Nikki Scully, she has practiced Ascension techniques taught by the Ishaya Monks and has been attuned to the first 12 spheres of Ascension.  She has studied various types of Reiki and Crystal Healing over the years.  Other studies include Ethereal Crystal System and LA Ho Chi-hands on healing.  And, last but not least she is a member of Lucis Trust Foundation, whose mission is to create triangles with other members around the globe to pray and meditate to anchor love and light upon our planet by utilizing The Great Invocation.


  • I met Chrissie in 2013 at Rose Springs, if I remember correctly it was Spring. The store at Rose Springs provides many relaxing and calming products and I was trying to get a stone but didn't know which one to get. This was the day I met Chrissie who started to tell me about the stones and how they help. That was it, the moment... I felt a really strong connection with her, something or somebody was guiding me towards her and I am glad I didn't reject the feeling. Since then I've got involved in soul search and finding my purpose in life. Chrissie just helped me with that on our first day we met and in the next few sessions at Mystic Messages. Our next session was one on one this spring for some intuitive reading to help me with my fears. That meeting was a blessing and helped me tremendously, my fear of flying on a plane was gone and besides that she helped me open my soul and heart to all the goodness that is out there. Thank you Chrissie for your help and i can't wait for our next session.
    Ramona P
  • I went to see Chrissie, not really knowing what to expect. I knew I needed help and guidance, but I didn't really know how or where to find it. After my session with Chrissie I knew I had come to the right place. She gave me honest insight, tools to help me on my personal journey, and the feeling of looking forward to self discovery! I highly recommend seeing Chrissie if you are feeling personally stuck and ready to move out of that rut.

Here are a few things Chrissie shared about herself.
  1. My all-time favorite comedian is Lucille Ball. Yes… I love Lucy!
  2. I love rocks, crystals, gems… I talk to them all the time, pet them, smell them and connect with them on a deep level.
  3. I have a weakness for ginger snaps, chew, cookies, ale… anything ginger is good to me…surprised I’m not a red head… lol
  4. Sometimes a big bowl of cereal is the BEST thing for dinner.
  5. When my kids argue with me, I like to break out in song when I respond to them as it breaks up the grumpy energy!