Sports Massage to the Rescue

Rosebuds, with the fall season approaching and school back in session, chances are that you or some of your loved ones are going back to their seasonal sport activities… Soccer season is here, my son is trying out for Basketball this year, and we all know what that means, everyone trains and pushes themselves extra hard and sometimes they even get hurt.  Whether you are sore from training hard or suffering a sport injury, Candice Doyle, Licensed Massage Therapist is here to help soothe your muscles and recover.  Candice’s training and experience is well rounded and impressive.

Candice works with her client’s nervous system to get thru the many layers caused by an injury. She gently breaks down the scared tissues that resulted from these injuries, freeing muscles from their atrophied position, retraining them to function as they did prior… Without that type of rehabilitation that supports a complete healing, your muscles would not support proper motion and position.  So as you see, it is a holistic approach, a complete care, that she calls Universal Love Massage… And trust me it is exactly what you will experience under her care.

We are one. Light, Love and Power.

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