Spiritual Guidance – Helping you maneuver the Spiritual Path

Did you know that part of the “feel better” services we offer at RoseSprings include Spiritual Guidance.  Rev. Linda Baker is passionate about offering this service to people who are seeking to begin or reignite their spiritual path and she also officiates at weddings, here at RoseSprings and off site.  Before my husband and I got married Rev. Linda offered a counseling session with us, she has a unique way of eliminating drama and getting straight to the point on how to handle certain situations.  I felt guided by her to see some of the family drama from a higher perspective and I walked away thinking “wow, she would be a great guide in spiritual matters.”

I asked Linda what the most amazing thing she has seen or experienced in her Spiritual Guidance sessions and she shared with me that when she sees that “light-bulb or ah-ha moment”, people just sparkle, she can feel their emotional being lifted and sense a radiance in their aura.   If you feel the desire for Spiritual Guidance, I would strongly urge you to check out her bio at http://rosespringscenter.com/staff/linda-baker/.

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