Spiritual Essence of Incense

Have you ever noticed the spiritual essence of incense?  Incense such as Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood can evoke the spirit within and attract your spiritual guides.  I like using Frankincense when I am meditating or making sprays and various oil blends, I always call upon my spirit guides for assistance when creating magic and the incense seem to enhance my experience, spiritually speaking.

One of my favorites, Nag Champa, always helps me feel better, it’s probably the incense I burn the most at home, it is balancing, calming and relaxing, I love it!  There are so many scents to choose from… Rose, Patchouli, Amber, and on and on… Many healers I know use incense to set up their sacred space for helping others, some use them just for the scent, and some use for clearing energy at home.  Tell me RoseBuds, what is your favorite incense, what scents are you attracted to?  Why do you use them?

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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