Soul Alignment Massage

Well, Rosebuds, if you are ready to “engage your soul to create a sense of aliveness and purpose in our life”, that is exactly what Anna Dale, Licensed Massage Therapist extraordinare is offering.  So let me ask you, have you ever felt like something was missing or not fully aligned within you?  Do you remember times where you felt good, but not fully engaged in your own life experience, where you were feeling fine but not as whole as you would have liked?  These are the times when you need to realign your soul with your physical presence. And what better way to do that than while being blissfully cared for by an experience massage therapist endowed with intuitive abilities.

Let’s think practically.  A massage promotes energy flow in your body, and helps your body balance and heal itself; it is a form of energy healing. Remember, energy blocked and or misaligned result in physical dis-comfort, tight and knotted muscles, aches and pain.  Anna explains that if you “experience physical pain, you should understand that to some degree there are spiritual issues that need a little attention and support to begin to untangle and help you gain clarity.  She works with your body to open up the physical channels that will allow you to experience spiritual energy and connection in new deeper ways. Each session is a co-creative healing process, as she engages with you, through questions and answers that draw both your and her intuition; she journeys through to bring forth the appropriate care. It is a shared work, intuitive and co-created from an intention for peace, relaxation, and improved well-being and healing.

What you gain is a deep sense of relaxation, relief of physical pain and also the release of energy blocks that kept you from having  a fully joyful experience in your NOW moment.  I invite you dear Rosebuds to please remember that when you care for your body you are also caring for your soul as they are interconnected.  That improved synergy is what helps you feel “plugged-in” to your physical experience and attuned to your feelings. Healthy feelings, healthy bodies!

We are one. Light, Love and Power!

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