Simply Sparkles for Every Occasion

Hey there RoseBuds! If you’re like me, when the leaves begin to change from pale green to brilliant orange and gold that means Halloween is not far away. Halloween is one of my favorite, fun times of the year because it gives me permission to day dream about which fairy tale character I’m going to dress up like.

One of my favorite accessories for special occasions is ‘Simply Body Sparkles’.  In the RoseSprings Gift story we call them ‘Fairy Sparkles’ and they come in the primary colors plus iridescent white. All you have to do is gently apply sparkles to your eye lids or cheeks or even cleavage for that special ‘glow’.

So if you want to look and feel special for Halloween or any day drop by for Simply ‘Fairy’ Sparkles.  You’ll be the girl the ‘sparkling aura’ wherever you go.

Love, Light and Sparkles


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