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There are many toxic substances in your daily life – everything from the air you breathe, to the plastics you eat and drink out of, to the household cleaners you use, to the stress and tension that accumulates in your body. Modern life is actually pretty toxic, which is why regular detoxing is so important to your health, vitality and longevity.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways that you can detox; healthy eating and hydration, retreats, yoga, meditation and exercise classes AND The Amethyst BioMat and NRG Foot Bath both are an ideal all-natural complement to any detox program.

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  • Amethyst Bio Mat

    This FDA Medically approved device has over a 10 year history of:

    • Strengthening Cardiovascular System
    • Strengthening Immune System
    • Reducing Stress and Fatigue
    • Increasing Circulation
    • Removing Toxins
    • Burning Calories
    • Improving Skin

    Receive the benefits of amethyst crystals known for their healing properties, negative ions creating an alkaline environment where it is hard for cancer to survive and far infrared light rays that promote healing and detoxifying at a cellular level.    It’s as easy as lying down and taking a nap.

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