Selenite – Friend of the Moon Goddess

Greeting RoseBuds!  Let me start off by sharing the channeled message of Selenite by Doreen Virtues Crystal Therapy Book; “Friend of the Moon Goddess, I’m comprised of layers of knowledge from the cosmos.  Traveling from afar to be with you in these days of shifting awareness, I hold the instinctive acumen of star people.  The feel of my weight within your hand is as familiar as the sword that once defended Heaven’s gate as Michael stood guard, and with me there is always safety, comfort, and individual bodies of negative energy residue.  When you’re out of alignment, simply focus and envision that the hooks, cords, and threads of severed connections now exist in harmony and are refilled with love.”

Selenite is the perfect stone to work with during these times of intense shifting and change, when I hold my piece, I feel better, more focused and secure.  When I become a little unbalanced, Selenite puts my being back into balance so I can re-direct myself and keep moving forward.  In my humble opinion, you can never have too much Selenite, how about a piece for every room in your house or business?

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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