Sage – More Than a Culinary Herb

When I think of sage I can’t help but remember my early days growing up in Central Oregon where sage grows wild on the flat plains.  I never thought of it being something wonderful and cleansing, to me it was just a dirty, dusty weed.  Part of my spiritual growth has been acknowledging its sacred power.

In the 17th century sage was so valued by the Chinese that Dutch merchants would trade 3 chests of Chinese tea for 1 chest of sage.  To the Native American Grandmother Sage is known as ’The Spirit Caller’ and embodies the spirit in you and those you invite to your home.

Today you can use sage in many ways:

  • Decorative in attractive wreaths
  • Culinary in your favorite recipes
  • Cleansing to discourage insects
  • Medicinally it is antiseptic and antifungal

At RoseSprings we burn sage to clear negative and stagnant energy.  Of course we do not burn it when you, meaning you, are in the building…because you’d think we were smoking something and having a party!!!

Love and Light,


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