Linda Baker – Owner

DSC_0442RoseSprings Owner, Events/Wedding Coordinator

Linda is the heart of RoseSprings Center, a place for whole-body healing where clients can nurture body, mind and spirit under one roof.  What started as a minor events coordinator roll turned into a major role as she now manages RoseSprings on a day to day bases.

She welcomes new practitioners and nurtures their growth as independent business owner but also as part of the RoseSprings Practitioner team.  She promotes them, helps them with their schedule and  develops various programs, classes and events, that benefits them as part of the Center.  She is always looking for interesting class topics and teachers, so if you have any needs, desires or inspirations, please contact her at with new class ideas, events and/or requests.

After 20 years working in the local church, RoseSprings Center has provided a new journey of exploration for her: “It’s been awesome to be able to continue officiating at weddings and help the happy couple create their unique ceremony and reception”.  Because she loves to entertain,  she finds lots of joy in working clients or parents that want to plan a kid’s birthday party, or partnering in scheduling a book signing, promoting local artist or  continuing education classes.

Linda, is also a Care Coordinator, so if you need a little help with your healing process, talk to her and let her guide you on the perfect path for you.