Chrissie Albright – Product Director

DSC_0493When you meet Chrissie you will find that she makes every effort to provide a safe and welcoming space for RoseSprings clients.  She enjoys helping clients transform their energy allowing the positive to emerge.

When Chrissie is not behind the reception desk, you can find her in our retail store, helping clients find exactly what they need, or simply working her magic, creating a sacred and safe space for all to enjoy, rest, re-energize while browsing our new lines of products, crystals and gifts.

As a mystic channel for spirit, Chrissie helps you connect with your Angels and loved ones who are now in the spirit realm.  Nothing pleases her more than seeing another individual awaken and grow into their own spiritual potential.  She also leads the second Thursday evening class MYSTIC MESSAGES.

Chrissie has acquired a wide variety of energy studies including classes with the Alchemical Healing System with Nikki Scully, she has practiced Ascension techniques taught by the Ishaya Monks and has been attuned to the first 12 spheres of Ascension.  She has studied various types of Reiki and Crystal Healing over the years.  And, last but not least she is a member of Lucis Trust Foundation, whose mission is to create triangles with other members around the globe to pray and meditate to anchor love and light upon our planet by utilizing The Great Invocation.

A few little known things Chrissie shared about herself are:
  1.  I love muscle cars, big motors and driving fast! In my next life I want to be a race-car driver, but not NASCAR, I want windy and curvy roads to keep me entertained.
  2. My all-time favorite comedian is Lucille Ball. Yes… I love Lucy!
  3. I love rocks, crystals, gems… I talk to them all the time, pet them, smell them and connect with them on a deep level.
  4. I really enjoy gardening. It puts me in touch with the elements of the earth and I find it quite a zenful experience.
  5. I am a diehard Grim and Walking Dead fan but cover my eyes so I don’t see the violence but enjoy the story lines.