Rose Quartz The Gift of Love

Rose Quartz is synonymous with Love. Not only does it enhance and support love for others; its primary Gift is healing our own heart chakra. If your heart chakra is not healthy, you cannot hope to have a healthy loving relationship. When my clients are going through difficulties in their relationship I often ask them to work with Rose Quartz for their own benefit, then work on the relationship. Typically, their relationship issues are worked out when their own heart chakra is healed.

Rose Quartz offers the “gift of love” many ways…

  • It aids us in transitioning during the dying process
  • It brings balance to our emotions
  • It encourages forgiveness, tolerance and compassion
  • It attracts Love to our lives
  • It eases traumas, healing old childhood wounds
  • It raises our self-esteem and teaches us to love our self.

This stone of unconditional love opens our heart chakra to receive and give love, in all its aspects. When we’re feeling loved and loving, we feel better about everything.

Shine on!


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