Rhodochrosite for Divination

Hey RoseBuds!  Did you know that Rhodochrosite is a great tool for reading oracle cards, runes or whatever tools you use for reading?  Just place 4 pieces around a square table (or place in a square on a round table).  The supportive energies of Rhodochrosite will help you access past life information that has an impact in your current life.  Sometimes looking into the past is more productive in moving forward, this information allows you to see your current situation and how the past is interfering and what you need to do to release those parts of the past that no longer serve you.  When I use Rhodochrosite, I feel the softness of the energy envelop my heart and the whispers of my heart are clearly heard

Now I want to share the channeled message of Rhodochrosite from Doreen Virtue’s Crystal Therapy book…. Hope you all enjoy this message and it helps you feel better today!

“This human experience is a blessed one, sometimes exhilarating and sometimes challenging.  It’s laden with karmic relationships, individual and societal expectations, and complex emotions; yet there’s also great love, joy, and passion surrounding you.  As you begin to find the quiet center within yourself, I come forward and activate your heart chakra, connecting your lower and upper energy centers.  With concentrations and intent, I facilitate change by establishing a bond of love that engulfs your being and relieves fear.  I remind you to approach life in accordance with your beliefs, and that committing to yourself means acting with integrity in all areas of your life.”

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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