Reviving Your Spirit with Spirit Quartz to Feel Better

spirit quartzAll together now, deep sigh…ahhhhhh. The holidays are over, family have gone home, the dust is settling…and yet you may still be feeling a bit of disquiet in your heart-space. This could come from many of the recent holiday events; perhaps old memories visited along with the guests or just the added stress. Or, maybe with the coming New Year you wonder if anything can ever make you feel better. All unresolved emotions can leave you “soul weary” and prevent you from moving towards the life you want.

To recharge your soul, stop by RoseSprings for a dazzling Spirit Quartz crystal.

Spirit Quartz is also known as Cactus Quartz, for all the tiny crystals (druzy) that surround the core shaft of the crystal. The druzy aspect of Spirit Quartz allows energy to magnify and radiate to heal on all levels. However Spirit Quartz is known to focus primarily on the energetic core issue of any situation, getting to the heart of the matter.

It also enhances feelings of “good will” and a willingness to work cooperatively. In my opinion the real gift of Spirit Quartz is its ability to aid us in shamanic journeys, meditations, astral travel and dream work; because it shields your subtle energy bodies (auras) and transmutes negative energy. That’s the best protection when you’re  vulnerable. When you are intentionally connected to Spirit, your own spirit heals and grows. Let Spirit Quartz aid you in that connection. I use mine each time I meditate. I feel as if I am charging it up with Spirit Energy whenever I go off on a spiritual journey.

Shine On!


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