Pyrite and Seeds of Light

Hey RoseBuds,

Did you know that Pyrite brings the golden ray of mental acuity and learning into the physical body? The energy of the golden ray helps the process of manifestation and creation on all levels. Pyrite and the added energy of the golden ray help plant seeds of light upon our Planet. Pyrite embodies the masculine energy and helps increase physical stamina and courage needed for action steps upon your spiritual journey.

Pyrite brings forth the solar energy of the Earth and lends direction and focus to the creativity of the Universe. Again, this supportive energy helps us plant seeds of light for all of humanity and that is bound to help us all feel spiritually better!

One of Pyrites messages (and gifts) is the ability to plant new seeds and a newfound trust for your intuition. Now is the time to speak your truth and take action, trust your vibes and count on the energies of Pyrite to support you at every turn.

I’d like to share the following affirmation from Crystal Ally Card deck by Naisha Ahsian, may it assistance in you ways you can only dream of!
“I plant seeds of life on Earth”

Brightest of Blessings…

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