Pyrite Amplifies Abundance

Greetings RoseBuds!  Did you know that Pyrite assists you in creating material abundance?  Try placing a piece in your financial feng shui area of your home.  Stand at your front door (facing in) and the area to the far right/rear is your financial/abundance area, set the intention as your place your stone and let it take its course, be sure and keep this area clear of clutter (if possible).  Pyrite works great on an alter, in your money drawer, wallet, I even keep a piece in my piggy bank.

Today I want to share the angelic message related to Pyrite for a little “feel better” pick-me-up!  I hope you enjoy!

“Your brethren knew me from the start, when I gave the spark of fire to humankind and the gift of reflection as a mirror.  I ground you with awareness and protection; I clarify your focus and illustrate abundance.  My shape is the Divine cubic design of manifestation.  What is it that you desire?  Clarity, action, and trust will bring it into your life.  Shrouded in my protection, you’re free to move between the seen and unseen, accessing the reality that is truth.  God supports your quest and supplies all your needs, for the Universe is abundant in every way.”

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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