Purple Fluorite

PurpleFluoriteWhen it comes to stones and crystals for the Crown Chakra, Purple Fluorite is second only to Amethyst. This beautiful crystal comes in colors ranging from “almost black” purple, to a pale lavender shade. It aids in all things spiritual, and for increasing mental capacities.

Purple Fluorite, like all Fluorite, will keep you focused and on task. Whenever you need a new idea, meditate with some Purple Fluorite because it will inspire your creativity. It will also increase your intuition, and dispel negative energies. Keep some near your computer to help clear electromagnetic energies from your environment, and re-energize your space. Held against your Third Eye, Purple Fluorite can connect you with Spirit Guides and Angels. Wow, talk about multi-tasking! This crystal cleans’, recharges, inspires, protects, connects you to Angels. It helps to make you feel better, and that’s what it’s all about.

Shine On!
Rev. Hope

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