Pets Benefit From Bach Flower Essences!

Did you know that Bach Flower Essences are safe for pets?  If you are familiar with flower essences, chances are you’ve heard stories how Rescue Remedy has helped someone’s pet.  When my dog was in his last years, he had a lot of anxiety, I would put a couple of drops on his head and massage it in and he would settle down almost instantly.  I really think it helped him made his last year of life a little more comfortable and made him feel better each day.

I’ve heard other stories too from people how Rescue Remedy helped their pets, one friend always gives her dog Rescue Remedy before taking him to the vet, makes the car ride easier on everyone involved…it’s like they “know” when the car ride is for fun and when it’s the dreaded trip to the vet.  I think pets are more sensitive than humans and that they have emotions too.

There are other flower essences  that can help as well, say your dog is domineering; Vine Essence will chill out the inner dominator and help your furry friend to relax and just go with the flow.  The great thing about flower essences is that they are completely safe, gentle and create no side-effects….and they are 100% natural for you or your pet.

Brightest of Blessings,

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