Peridot and Candle Magic!

I read an interesting candle ritual in DJ Conways “Crystal Enchantments” that I wanted to share with all you Rosebuds out there…  I’ve only done candle magic a few times and do not claim to be an expert in that field, so I wanted to share the ritual straight from the book.  For those of you who use candle magic in your spiritual journey, I hope you enjoy this and you can use it to help you feel better today!

“If you seem to be stuck and not moving forward, use peridot along with a white and a green candle.  Place peridot between the two candles on your alter.  Light the candles.  Close your eyes and visualize yourself before a closed door, a door that represents the changes and forward progress you want in your life.  Visualize yourself opening that door, standing in the brilliant light that shines through it, and then walking into the light.  If you cannot open the door or become tired trying, extinguish the candles and try again another night.  Sometimes you may have to practice this visualization for several days before you can get over the threshold.  When you do go through the door, you may see something unexpected; not what you though would be there at all.”

As always, surround yourself in white light when doing any kind of energy work or candle magic.  Call upon your guides for support, guidance and protection.  (Ref:  Crystal Enchantments by DJ Conway)

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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