Pendulum: Why do they Work

Have you ever wondered how or why a pendulum works?  I often wonder that very same thing because I do a lot of muscle monitoring with clients in my work.  And, I have come to believe that pendulums work as an extension of muscle monitoring.  So, then you may ask?  How does muscle monitoring work?

We know that our cells carry memories of all the things that have happened to us and possibly of things that have happened to us in past lives.  Our bodies are finally tuned and able to tap into help from a higher self or sources.  So, when I muscle test a client I get yes and no answers or stress and no stress answers from the questions that I ask.  The client’s muscles respond to these questions by staying strong or going weak to give me the yes or no answers.

My believe if that while we hold the pendulum and ask questions our bodies muscles respond much the same why they do when muscle testing and the movement translates into the way the pendulum flows giving us yes or no answers.  So, you can ask a pendulum to answer your questions.  “Is this apple the best choice for me to eat right now?”  “Is this rock the best for my sacred stone grid?”

But, whichever questions you are asking it is important to use a pendulum that will work with you.  So, you might want to watch this video on how to pick the perfect pendulum for you.

Love, Light and Chocolate,

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