Pendulum Boards: More Than a Party Trick

We’ve been enjoying the reaction of shoppers playing with our new pendulum dowsing boards in the store.  We’re curious, what would your reaction be?  Excited if your pendulum gave you accurate answers when holding it over one of these boards?  Would you be amazed that the pendulum can spell out a word on the board?  Would you be freaked out if you got an answer from your late “Aunt Mary.”  Are you a Diviner?  As stated on Wikipedia, Divination is to for see, to be inspired by God, is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a standardized process or ritual.  It’s been used in various forms thorough out history.

A pendulum dowsing board is used to spell out messages and information in conjunction with a pendulum.  Ideally used in solitude with a lot of concentration, the dowsing board works best using the strength of your intent, desire, and emotion.  Ask your question, always declaring that the answers be for your highest good, and rely on your pendulum to spell out the answer that comes from your subconscious, the gateway to “all that is” rather than attracting negativity by asking “Is anybody out there?”.

If you’re looking for something fun for your next Halloween Party there are some boards that glow in the dark too.  Though these can be used by the simply curious, they are also a must for the experienced diviner.

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